Your CCCHA Board

Please feel free to contact any of our board members at

Allyson Saunders   PRESIDENT | Architectural Committee Chair | Legal & Safety Committees

Caryl Golden   VICE PRESIDENT | Architectural & Welcome Committees

Marilyn Braunstein   TREASURER | Finance Committee

Jerry Davison   SECRETARY | Safety, Filming & Green Committees

Derek Barton   Communications Chair | Block Party Committee  |  CD5 & Film Liaison

Dan Gleiberman   Green Committee Chair | Traffic, Filming & Communications Committees | Planning Liaison

Bob Guerin   Legal & Filming Committees

Candis Melamed   Block Party Chair | Annual Committee Chair | Communications Committee

Bertrand Leroux   Traffic Committee

Tamir Nadborny   Safety Committee Chair | Traffic & Communications Committee

Mike Quinn   Legal, Finance & Architecture Committee

Eddie Rabin   Finance & Green Committee

Melissa Reider-Demer   Block Party Committee

Jade Shopp   Finance Committee Chair

Steve Shpilsky   Green and Safety Committee

Jane Wishon   Traffic Committee Chair | Architecture Committee | WNC Liaison

Christian Zapf   Green Committee